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5 Foot AC Power Cord 2 Two Prong Extension Cable
5 Foot Two Prong Extension Cable
5 Foot Two Prong AC Power Cord Extension Cable includes everything shown here.

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5 Foot AC Power Cord 2 Two Prong Extension Cable

Compatible with the following devices

NOTE: Be sure to look at the picture to verify it is the same as the cord you are replacing. Our universal "double rounded" style shape fits both square and round style "figure 8" connectors.

Acer Laptop Adapters
AST Laptop Laptop Adapters
BJC 100
BJC 1000
BJC 2000
BJC 2100
Canon Printers
Compaq 1200SC
Compaq 1200T
Compaq 1219JP
Compaq 12XL
Compaq 12XL527
Compaq 1700
Compaq 1700AI
Compaq 1700AP
Compaq 1700AU
Compaq 1700EA
Compaq 1700JP
Compaq 1700KR
Compaq 1700LA
Compaq 1700T
Compaq 1700TC
Compaq 1700US
Compaq 1701AI
Compaq 1701AK
Compaq 1701AP
Compaq 1701CL
Compaq 1701EA
Compaq 1701LB
Compaq 1701S
Compaq 1701TC
Compaq 1702AP
Compaq 1702KR
Compaq 1702LB
Compaq 1702TC
Compaq 1710T
Compaq 1711CL
Compaq 1712US
Compaq 1715CA
Compaq 1717RSH
Compaq 1720CA
Compaq 1720US
Compaq 1722CA
Compaq 1722US
Compaq 17XL260
Compaq 17XL261
Compaq 17XL262
Compaq 17XL264
Compaq 17XL265
Compaq 17XL266
Compaq 17XL274
Compaq 17XL275
Compaq 17XL360
Compaq 17XL361
Compaq 17XL362
Compaq 17XL363
Compaq 17XL364
Compaq 17XL365
Compaq 17XL366
Compaq 17XL367
Compaq 17XL368
Compaq 17XL369
Compaq 17XL370
Compaq 17XL371
Compaq 17XL372
Compaq 17XL374
Compaq 17XL375
Compaq 17XL376
Compaq 17XL377
Compaq 17XL378
Compaq 17XL380
Compaq 17XL460
Compaq 17XL461
Compaq 17XL462
Compaq 17XL463
Compaq 17XL468
Compaq 17XL469
Compaq 17XL470
Compaq 17XL471
Compaq 17XL474
Compaq 17XL480
Compaq 17XL485
Compaq 17XL492
Compaq 17XL561
Compaq 17XL563
Compaq 17XL569
Compaq 17XL570
Compaq 17XL571
Compaq 17XL572
Compaq 17XL573
Compaq 17XL574
Compaq 17XL575
Compaq 17XL578
Compaq 1900
Compaq 1900XL1
Compaq 1900XL163
Compaq 1920
Compaq 1925
Compaq 1930
Compaq 19XL
Compaq 2175EU
Compaq 255498-001
Compaq 255498-B21
Compaq 262354-999
Compaq 265169-B21
Compaq 265170-B21
Compaq 267143-B21
Compaq 267144-B21
Compaq 2700T
Compaq 2700US
Compaq 2700XX
Compaq 274140-B21
Compaq 279799-999
Compaq 279800-999
Compaq 2800AP
Compaq 2800CA
Compaq 2800TC
Compaq 2800US
Compaq 2800xx
Compaq 2801CL
Compaq 2801EA
Compaq 2801TC
Compaq 2802AP
Compaq 2802EA
Compaq 2802SP
Compaq 2802TC
Compaq 2804EA
Compaq 2804SC
Compaq 2805AP
Compaq 2805US
Compaq 2806CL
Compaq 2806EA
Compaq 2807AP
Compaq 2807EA
Compaq 2808EA
Compaq 2809AP
Compaq 2809FR
Compaq 2810AP
Compaq 2810AU
Compaq 2810CA
Compaq 2811AP
Compaq 2811CA
Compaq 2811CL
Compaq 2811EA
Compaq 2812AP
Compaq 2812EA
Compaq 2813AU
Compaq 2813TC
Compaq 2814AP
Compaq 2814AU
Compaq 2815AP
Compaq 2815LA
Compaq 2815SP
Compaq 2816AP
Compaq 2816EA
Compaq 2817AR
Compaq 2818AP
Compaq 2820AP
Compaq 2820AU
Compaq 2820EA
Compaq 2820SC
Compaq 2821AP
Compaq 2821AU
Compaq 2821SC
Compaq 2821TC
Compaq 2822AP
Compaq 2822TC
Compaq 2823AP
Compaq 2823AU
Compaq 2823TC
Compaq 2824AP
Compaq 2824TC
Compaq 2825AP
Compaq 2825EA
Compaq 2825TC
Compaq 2826AP
Compaq 2826TC
Compaq 2827AP
Compaq 2827TC
Compaq 2828AP
Compaq 2828TC
Compaq 2829AP
Compaq 2830EA
Compaq 2832AP
Compaq 2834TC
Compaq 2835AP
Compaq 2835EA
Compaq 2837AP
Compaq 2837TC
Compaq 2839AP
Compaq 2840TC
Compaq 2844AP
Compaq 284630-999
Compaq 2846AP
Compaq 292553-B21
Compaq 311890-999
Compaq Armada Evo N105
Compaq Armada Evo N115
Compaq Armada Evo N160
Compaq Armada Evo N180
Compaq DC698AV
Compaq EVO N110
Compaq EVO N160
Compaq EVO N180
Compaq EVO N800C
Compaq EVO N800V
Compaq Evo PC n800c
Compaq NX9000 Business
Compaq NX9005 Business
Compaq Presario 1000
Compaq Presario 1200
Compaq Presario 1220
Compaq Presario 1267
Compaq Presario 1400
Compaq Presario 14XL
Compaq Presario 1600
Compaq Presario 1624
Compaq Presario 1700
Compaq Presario 17XL
Compaq Presario 1800
Compaq Presario 18XL
Compaq Presario 2700
Compaq Presario 2700T
Compaq Presario 2900
Compaq Presario 2940
Compaq Presario 700
Compaq Presario 710
Compaq Presario 720
Compaq Presario 800
Compaq Presario 800XL
Compaq Presario CM2000
Compaq Presario CM2010
Compaq Presario CM2020
Compaq Presario CM2050
Compaq Presario CM2060
Compaq Presario CM2070
Compaq ze4200
Compaq ze4400
Compaq ze4600
Compaq ze4700
Compaq ze4805wm
Dell Inspiron7000
Dell Latitude LM & Inspiron 3000
Dell Latitude LM & Inspiron 3200
Dell Latitude LM & Inspiron 3500
Epson C82
Epson C84
Epson C86
Epson C88
Epson R220
Gateway Liberty Laptop Adapters
Hewlett Packard Laptop Adapters
Hitachi Vision Pro Laptops Adapters
HP 3820
HP 710C
HP 712C
HP 720C
HP 722C
HP 810C
HP 812C
HP 916C
HP 930C
HP 932C
HP 950C
HP 952C
HP 960CXi
HP 970Cse
HP 970Cxi
HP 990C
HP 990Cse
HP 990Cxi
HP Business InkJet 2230
HP Business InkJet 3000
HP Color InkJet CP1160
HP Color InkJet CP1160TN
HP DeskJet 1000CSE
HP DeskJet 1000CXI
HP DeskJet 1100C
HP DeskJet 1120C
HP DeskJet 1220C
HP DeskJet 1220CPS
HP DeskJet 1220CSE
HP DeskJet 310
HP DeskJet 350CBI
HP DeskJet 400 C2642A
HP DeskJet 400L C2642D
HP DeskJet 600 C2184A
HP DeskJet 610CL C6452A
HP DeskJet 640C
HP DeskJet 642C
HP DeskJet 660C C2164A
HP DeskJet 660CSE C4548A
HP DeskJet 682C C4567A
HP PhotoSmart 1215
HP PhotoSmart 1218
HP PhotoSmart 1315
HP PhotoSmart P1000
HP PhotoSmart P1100
HP PhotoSmart P1115
IBM 365CD 2625 (10.4 DSTN)
IBM 365CD 2625 (10.4 SVGA / TFT)
IBM 365CD 2625 (11.3)
IBM 365CS 2625
IBM 700 9552
IBM 700C 9552
IBM 720 9552
IBM 760
IBM 765
IBM A30 2652 (14.1 XGA)
IBM A30 2652 (15.0 SXGA)
IBM A30 2652 (15.0 SXGA+ IPS)
IBM A30 2652 (15.0 UXGA)
IBM A30 2652 (15.0 XGA)
IBM A31 2652 (14.1 XGA)
IBM A31 2652 (15.0 SXGA)
IBM A31 2652 (15.0 UXGA)
IBM A31 2652 (15.0 XGA)
IBM i Series 1400 2611 (12.1 TFT)
IBM i Series 1400 2611 (13.3 TFT)
IBM i Series 1400 2611 (14.1 TFT)
IBM ThinkPad 365C 2625
Jordana Palmtops
Laptop AC Adapters Acer
Laptop AC Adapters Compaq
Laptop AC Adapters Dell
Laptop AC Adapters Fujitsu
Laptop AC Adapters Gateway
Laptop AC Adapters Hitachi
Laptop AC Adapters IBM
Laptop AC Adapters Ibook
Laptop AC Adapters Mac
Laptop AC Adapters Sony
Laptop AC Adapters Texas Instruments
Laptop AC Adapters Toshiba
NEC Versa LX
NEC Versa M
NEC Versa P
NEC Versa SX
NEC Versa V
Sony PCG-505EX
Sony PCG-505F
Sony PCG-505FX
Sony PCG-505G
Sony PCG-505GX
Sony PCG-505TS
Sony PCG-505TX
Sony PCG-505VX
Sony PCG-505X
Sony PCG-707
Sony PCG-707C
Sony PCG-C1F
Sony PCG-C1X
Sony PCG-F670T
Sony PCG-GR114EK
Sony PCG-GR114MK
Sony PCG-GR250
Sony PCG-GR250K
Sony PCG-GR250P
Sony PCG-GR270P
Sony PCG-GR290P
Sony PCG-GR315MP
Sony PCG-GR370P
Sony PCG-GR390
Sony PCG-GR390K
Sony PCG-GR390P
Sony PCG-GRS515M
Sony PCG-N505VE
Sony PCG-N505VEN
Sony PCG-N505VX
Sony PCG-NV105
Sony PCG-NV109M
Sony PCG-NV209
Sony PCG-R505AFE
Sony PCG-R505DE
Sony PCG-R505DL
Sony PCG-R505DS
Sony PCG-R505DSK
Sony PCG-R505DSP
Sony PCG-R505EL
Sony PCG-R505ELK
Sony PCG-R505ES
Sony PCG-R505ESK
Sony PCG-R505ESP
Sony PCG-R505GL
Sony PCG-R505JE
Sony PCG-R505JEK
Sony PCG-R505JEP
Sony PCG-R505JL
Sony PCG-R505JLK
Sony PCG-R505JLP
Sony PCG-R505JS
Sony PCG-R505JSK
Sony PCG-R505JSP
Sony PCG-R505T
Sony PCG-R505TE
Sony PCG-R505TEK
Sony PCG-R505TL
Sony PCG-R505TLK
Sony PCG-R505TS
Sony PCG-R505TSK
Sony PCG-R600HFP
Sony PCG-R600HFP
Sony PCG-R600HMK
Sony PCG-R600HMP
Sony PCG-SR27
Sony PCG-SR27K
Sony PCG-SR33
Sony PCG-SR33K
Sony PCG-SR7
Sony PCG-VX7
Sony PCG-XE17
Sony PCG-XG500
Sony PCG-XG700
Sony PCG-XG700K
Sony PCG-XR9
Sony PCG-Z505
Sony PCG-Z505FAT
Sony PCG-Z505GE
Sony PCG-Z505H
Sony PCG-Z505R
Sony PCG-Z505RX
Sony PCG-Z505S
Sony PCG-Z505SX
Sony Vaio Laptop Adapters
Tangent Laptop Adapters
Toshiba Battery Charger Docking Stations
Toshiba Battery Docking Station 7000
Toshiba Libretto 100
Toshiba Libretto 110
Toshiba Libretto 50
Toshiba Libretto 70
Toshiba Portege 2000
Toshiba Portege 4000
Toshiba Portege 6000
Toshiba Portege 610
Toshiba Portege 610
Toshiba Portege 620
Toshiba Portege 620
Toshiba Portege 650
Toshiba Portege 650
Toshiba Portege 7000
Toshiba Satellite 1555
Toshiba Satellite 1600
Toshiba Satellite 1715XCDS
Toshiba Satellite 2100
Toshiba Satellite 2140
Toshiba Satellite 2180
Toshiba Satellite 220
Toshiba Satellite 2210
Toshiba Satellite 225
Toshiba Satellite 2590
Toshiba Satellite 2615
Toshiba Satellite 2655
Toshiba Satellite 2675
Toshiba Satellite 2715
Toshiba Satellite 2805
Toshiba Satellite 300
Toshiba Satellite 310
Toshiba Satellite 315
Toshiba Satellite 320
Toshiba Satellite 325
Toshiba Satellite 330
Toshiba Satellite 335
Toshiba Satellite 4000
Toshiba Satellite 4060
Toshiba Satellite 4080
Toshiba Satellite 4100
Toshiba Satellite 4200
Toshiba Satellite 4300
Toshiba Satellite 4300
Toshiba Satellite 440
Toshiba Satellite 460
Toshiba Satellite 470
Toshiba Satellite 4800
Toshiba Satellite 490
Toshiba Satellite 4900
Toshiba Satellite Pro 400
Toshiba Satellite Pro 405
Toshiba Satellite Pro 410
Toshiba Satellite Pro 415
Toshiba Satellite Pro 420
Toshiba Satellite Pro 425
Toshiba Satellite Pro 430
Toshiba Satellite Pro 435 CS
Toshiba Satellite Pro CDS
Toshiba Satellite Pro CT
Toshiba Techra 500
Toshiba Techra 510
Toshiba Techra 520
Toshiba Techra 530
Toshiba Techra 550
Toshiba Techra 700
Toshiba Techra 710
Toshiba Techra 720
Toshiba Techra 730
Toshiba Techra 740
Toshiba Techra 750
Toshiba Techra 770
Toshiba Techra 780
Toshiba Techra 8000
Toshiba Techra 8100

Compatible with Part Numbers

Belkin Components: N/A
Cables To Go: 27398
Cables Unlimited: PWR-1400-06
Equivalent To: 10W1-13206
HP 8120-8900
IBM FRU 13H5264
IEC 320 EN 60320 C7 - F - power NEMA
IEC320 C7 to NEMA 1-15P
StarTech: PXT101NB
Straight (F) C7 receptacle

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