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Battery for DELL 1445 Inspiron 13R 15R 17R N500D 3750 J1KND 04YRJH 312-1201 P10F
Battery for DELL 1445 Inspiron 13R 15R 17R N500D
Battery for DELL 1445 Inspiron 13R 15R 17R N500D

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Product Code: DS-CS-DE4010HB

Description Technical Specs

Battery for DELL 1445 Inspiron 13R Inspiron 13R 3010-D330 Inspiron 13R

Compatible with the following devices

1445, Inspiron 13R, Inspiron 13R 3010-D330, Inspiron 13R 3010-D370HK, Inspiron 13R 3010-D370TW, Inspiron 13R 3010-D381, Inspiron 13R 3010-D430, Inspiron 13R 3010-D460HK, Inspiron 13R 3010-D460TW, Inspiron 13R 3010-D480, Inspiron 13R 3010-D520, Inspiron 13R 3010-D621, Inspiron 13R Ins13RD-348, Inspiron 13R Ins13RD-448, Inspiron 13R Ins13RD-448LR, Inspiron 13R N3010, Inspiron 13R N3010D, Inspiron 13R N3010D-148, Inspiron 13R N3010D-168, Inspiron 13R N3010D-178, Inspiron 13R N3010D-248, Inspiron 13R N3010D-268, Inspiron 13R T510431TW, Inspiron 13R T510432TW, Inspiron 13R-N301, Inspiron 13R-N3010, Inspiron 13R-N3010D, Inspiron 13R-N301R, Inspiron 13R-N3110, Inspiron 13R-T510, Inspiron 14R, Inspiron 14R 4010-D330, Inspiron 14R 4010-D370HK, Inspiron 14R 4010-D370TW, Inspiron 14R 4010-D381, Inspiron 14R 4010-D382, Inspiron 14R 4010-D430, Inspiron 14R 4010-D460HK, Inspiron 14R 4010-D460TW, Inspiron 14R 4010-D480, Inspiron 14R 4010-D520, Inspiron 14R Ins14RD-438, Inspiron 14R Ins14RD-448B, Inspiron 14R Ins14RD-458, Inspiron 14R N4010, Inspiron 14R N4010D, Inspiron 14R N4010D148, Inspiron 14R N4010D-148, Inspiron 14R N4010D158, Inspiron 14R N4010D-158, Inspiron 14R N4010D-248, Inspiron 14R N4010D-258, Inspiron 14R T510401TW, Inspiron 14R T510402TW, Inspiron 14R T510403TW, Inspiron 14R-N4010, Inspiron 14R-N4010D, Inspiron 14R-N4010R, Inspiron 14R-N40140D, Inspiron 14R-N4020, Inspiron 14R-N4110, Inspiron 14R-T510, Inspiron 15-M5020, Inspiron 15-M5030, Inspiron 15-N5020, Inspiron 15-N5030, Inspiron 15R, Inspiron 15R 5010-D330, Inspiron 15R 5010-D370HK, Inspiron 15R 5010-D382, Inspiron 15R 5010-D430, Inspiron 15R 5010-D460HK, Inspiron 15R 5010-D480, Inspiron 15R 5010-D481, Inspiron 15R 5010-D520, Inspiron 15R Ins15RD-458B, Inspiron 15R Ins15RD-488, Inspiron 15R N5010, Inspiron 15R N5010D, Inspiron 15R N5010D-148, Inspiron 15R N5010D-168, Inspiron 15R N5010D-258, Inspiron 15R N5010D-278, Inspiron 15R-N500D, Inspiron 15R-N5010, Inspiron 17R, Inspiron 17R (N7010), Inspiron 17R (N7110), Inspiron 17R N7010, Inspiron 17R-N7010, Inspiron 17R-N7010D, Inspiron 17R-N7110, Inspiron 3450N, Inspiron 3550, Inspiron 3550N, Inspiron 3750, Inspiron 3750N, Inspiron M3010, Inspiron M4040, Inspiron M411R, Inspiron M501, Inspiron M5010, Inspiron M5010D, Inspiron M5010R, Inspiron M501D, Inspiron M501R, Inspiron M5020, Inspiron M5030, Inspiron M5030D, Inspiron M5030R, Inspiron M5040, Inspiron M511R, Inspiron N3010, Inspiron N3010D, Inspiron N3010R, Inspiron N301D, Inspiron N301R, Inspiron N3110, Inspiron N4010, Inspiron N4010-148, Inspiron N4010D, Inspiron N4010D-158, Inspiron N4010R, Inspiron N40140D, Inspiron N4020, Inspiron N4050, Inspiron N4110, Inspiron N4120, Inspiron N500D, Inspiron N5010, Inspiron N5010D, Inspiron N5010R, Inspiron N5020, Inspiron N5030, Inspiron N5030D, Inspiron N5030R, Inspiron N5040, Inspiron N5050, Inspiron N5110, Inspiron N7010, Inspiron N7010D, Inspiron N7010R, Inspiron N7110, Inspiron13R Ins13RD-438, Vostro 1440, Vostro 1450, Vostro 1540, Vostro 1550, Vostro 2520, Vostro 3450, Vostro 3550, Vostro 3555, Vostro 3750

Compatible with Battery Part Numbers

0383CW, 04YRJH, 06P6PN, 07XFJJ, 0J1KND, 0J4XDH, 0W7H3N, 0YXVK2, 312-0233, 312-0234, 312-0235, 312-0240, 312-1180, 312-1197, 312-1198, 312-1200, 312-1201, 312-1202, 312-1204, 312-1205, 312-1206, 312-1262, 383CW, 3UR18650A-2-DLL-39, 40Y28, 451-11510, 4T7JN, 4YRJH, 5XF44, 6P6PN, 7XFJJ, 8NH55, 965Y7, 9JR2H, 9T48V, 9TCXN, FMHC10, GK2X6, HHWT1, J1KND, J4XDH, JXFRP, P07F, P07F001, P07F002, P07F003, P08E, P08E001, P10F, P10S, P10S001, P11G, P11G001, P13E, P13E001, P14E, P14E001, P16F, P16F001, P17F, P17F001, P18E, P19G, P19G001, P20G, P20G001, P20G002, P22G, PPWT, TKV2V, UM7, UM8, UM9, W7H3N, WT2P4, YXVK2

9 Cells

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