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Battery for Toshiba R930 R730 PABAS235 PA3831U-1BRS PA3832U-1BRS PA3929U-1BRS
Battery for Toshiba R930 R730 PABAS235
Battery for Toshiba R930 R730 PABAS235

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Product Code: DS-CS-TOR730NB

Description Technical Specs

Battery for Toshiba Dynabook R730 DYNABOOK R730/39A Dynabook R730/B Dynabook

Compatible with the following devices

Dynabook R730, DYNABOOK R730/39A, Dynabook R730/B, Dynabook R731, Dynabook R731/16C, Dynabook R731/16DB, Dynabook R731/36C, Dynabook R731/36DB, Dynabook R731/37C, Dynabook R731/37DB, Dynabook R731/38C, Dynabook R731/39B, Dynabook R731/B, Dynabook R731/C, Dynabook R731/W2JC, Dynabook R731/W2MC, Dynabook R731/W2MD, Dynabook R731/W2PD, Dynabook R731/W2TC, Dynabook R731/W2TD, Dynabook R731/W4UC, Dynabook R731/W4UD, Dynabook R732, DYNABOOK R732/W3TF, DYNABOOK R734-37K, Dynabook R741, Dynabook R741/B, Dynabook RX3, Dynabook RX3 SM226Y/3HD, Dynabook RX3 SM240E/3HD, Dynabook RX3 SN240Y/3HD, Dynabook RX3 SN266E/3HD, Dynabook RX3 TM226Y/3HD, Dynabook RX3 TM240E/3HD, Dynabook RX3 TN240Y/3HD, Dynabook RX3 TN266E/3HD, Dynabook RX3/T6M, Dynabook RX3/T7M, Dynabook RX3/T8M, Dynabook RX3/T9M, Dynabook RX3W, Dynabook RX3W/8MW, Dynabook RX3W/9MWMA, Portege R700, Portege R700-01B, Portege R700-02B, Portege R700-100, Portege R700-10E, Portege R700-10U, Portege R700-115, Portege R700-11E, Portege R700-12D, Portege R700-12M, Portege R700-131, Portege R700-136, Portege R700-13H, Portege R700-13K, Portege R700-13L, Portege R700-13W, Portege R700-14J, Portege R700-14L, Portege R700-155, Portege R700-15Q, Portege R700-15R, Portege R700-15T, Portege R700-15U, Portege R700-15V, Portege R700-15W, Portege R700-15X, Portege R700-160, Portege R700-172, Portege R700-173, Portege R700-174, Portege R700-17W, Portege R700-17X, Portege R700-17Z, Portege R700-181, Portege R700-182, Portege R700-183, Portege R700-184, Portege R700-185, Portege R700-194, Portege R700-19H, Portege R700-19L, Portege R700-1C2, Portege R700-1C4, Portege R700-1CP, Portege R700-1CQ, Portege R700-1CW, Portege R700-1CZ, Portege R700-1D1, Portege R700-1DC, Portege R700-1DD, Portege R700-1DE, Portege R700-1DF, Portege R700-1DG, Portege R700-1DH, Portege R700-1DJ, Portege R700-1DK, Portege R700-1DM, Portege R700-1DP, Portege R700-1DT, Portege R700-1E1, Portege R700-1E6, Portege R700-1E9, Portege R700-1EM, Portege R700-1EP, Portege R700-1EZ, Portege R700-1F1, Portege R700-1F3, Portege R700-1F4, Portege R700-1F5, Portege R700-1F6, Portege R700-1F7, Portege R700-1FH, Portege R700-1FK, Portege R700-1FN, Portege R700-1G4, Portege R700-1G9, Portege R700-K01, Portege R700-K02, Portege R700-K03, Portege R700-K05, Portege R700-Oracle, Portege R700-S1310, Portege R700-S1311, Portege R700-S1320, Portege R700-S1321, Portege R700-S1322, Portege R700-S1322W, Portege R700-S1330, Portege R700-S1331, Portege R700-S1332W, Portege R705, Portege R705-P25, Portege R705-P35, Portege R705-P42, Portege R705-ST2N04, Portege R830, Portege R830 PT320A-03N007, Portege R830 PT321A-01K002, Portege R830 PT321A-01L002, Portege R830 PT321A-01M002, Portege R830 Series, Portege R830-003, Portege R830-00R, Portege R830-00S, Portege R830-01G, Portege R830-01H, Portege R830-01J, Portege R830-01K, Portege R830-02F, Portege R830-02P, Portege R830-030, Portege R830-05L, Portege R830-06R, Portege R830-0GE, Portege R830-104, Portege R830-10Q, Portege R830-10R, Portege R830-10U, Portege R830-10V, Portege R830-110, Portege R830-112, Portege R830-113, Portege R830-117, Portege R830-118, Portege R830-11Q, Portege R830-130, Portege R830-137, Portege R830-138, Portege R830-139, Portege R830-13C, Portege R830-13E, Portege R830-13P, Portege R830-14M, Portege R830-17C, Portege R830-195, Portege R830-19R, Portege R830-1C2, Portege R830-1C8, Portege R830-1DR, Portege R830-1DX, Portege R830-1DZ, Portege R830-1E8, Portege R830-1FR, Portege R830-1G2, Portege R830-1HD, Portege R830-1HJ, Portege R830-1JD, Portege R830-1JL, Portege R830-1JP, Portege R830-1JV, Portege R830-1JX, Portege R830-1JZ, Portege R830-1K1, Portege R830-1KU, Portege R830-1M3, Portege R830-1MH, Portege R830-1MZ, Portege R830-1NX, Portege R830-M1K4, Portege R830-S8310, Portege R830-S8312, Portege R830-S8320, Portege R830-S8322, Portege R830-S8330, Portege R830-S8332, Portege R830-ST8300, Portege R835, Portege R835-P50X, Portege R835-P55X, Portege R835-P56X, Portege R835-P70, Portege R835-P75, Portege R835-P81, Portege R835-P83, Portege R835-P84, Portege R835-P86, Portege R835-ST3N01, Portege R930, Portege R930-101, Portege R930-10D, Portege R930-10G, Portege R930-10J, Portege R930-10M, Portege R930-10Z, Portege R930-115, Portege R930-116, Portege R930-117, Portege R930-11F, Portege R930-11J, Portege R930-11R, Portege R930-120, Portege R930-122, Portege R930-12N, Portege R930-12Q, Portege R930-12W, Portege R930-12Z, Portege R930-137, Portege R930-13H, Portege R930-13U, Portege R930-147, Portege R930-149, Portege R930-14D, Portege R930-14G, Portege R930-14T, Portege R930-14W, Portege R930-153, Portege R930-157, Portege R930-15D, Portege R930-15G, Portege R930-15J, Portege R930-15L, Portege R930-166, Portege R930-16K, Portege R930-16R, Portege R930-16X, Portege R930-17C, Portege R930-17M, Portege R930-17V, Portege R930-17X, Portege R930-181, Portege R930-184, Portege R930-187, Portege R930-189, Portege R930-18N, Portege R930-18T, Portege R930-18V, Portege R930-193, Portege R930-19G, Portege R930-19P, Portege R930-1C0, Portege R930-1C4, Portege R930-1C8, Portege R930-1CE, Portege R930-1CK, Portege R930-1CP, Portege R930-1CV, Portege R930-1CZ, Portege R930-1D4, Portege R930-1DE, Portege R930-1DN, Portege R930-1DQ, Portege R930-1DU, Portege R930-1DW, Portege R930-1EL, Portege R930-1EQ, Portege R930-1EV, Portege R930-1F3, Portege R930-1F8, Portege R930-1FE, Portege R930-1FJ, Portege R930-1G2, Portege R930-1GF, Portege R930-1GW, Portege R930-1H9, Portege R930-1HM, Portege R930-1J2, Portege R930-1K8, Portege R930-1KD, Portege R930-1KF, Portege R930-1KT, Portege R930-1KZ, Portege R930-1LH, Portege R930-1MM, Portege R930-1N9, Portege R930-1NT, Portege R930-1NZ, Portege R930-1P4, Portege R930-1P7, Portege R930-1QL, Portege R930-S9320, Portege R930-S9330, Portege R935, Portege R935-P326, Portege R935-P330, Portege R935-P332, Portege R935-ST2N01, Portege R935-ST2N02, Satellite R630, Satellite R630-102, Satellite R630-12G, Satellite R630-135, Satellite R630-138, Satellite R630-13F, Satellite R630-13J, Satellite R630-13R, Satellite R630-13T, Satellite R630-13V, Satellite R630-141, Satellite R630-144, Satellite R630-14H, Satellite R630-14J, Satellite R630-14R, Satellite R630-14X, Satellite R630-155, Satellite R630-156, Satellite R800, Satellite R800 Series, Satellite R830, Satellite R830-10C, Satellite R830-11C, Satellite R830-13C, Satellite R830-13D, Satellite R830-142, Satellite R830-143, Satellite R830-14F, Satellite R830-181, Satellite R830-182, Satellite R830-1E2, Satellite R830-1G0, Satellite R830-1G1, Satellite R830-1GZ, Satellite R830-1L7, Satellite R830-S8330, Satellite R835, Satellite R835-P81, Satellite R835-P83, Satellite R835-P84, Satellite R835-P86, SATELLITE R840-13J, Satellite R845, Satellite R845-S80, Satellite R845-S85, Satellite R845-ST5N01, Satellite R845-ST6N01, Tecra R700, TECRA R700 K03, Tecra R700-006, Tecra R700-007, Tecra R700-00C, Tecra R700-00E, Tecra R700-00F, Tecra R700-00G, Tecra R700-00H, Tecra R700-00J, Tecra R700-00K, Tecra R700-00L, TECRA R700-K02, TECRA R730, TECRA R741, TECRA R800, TECRA R830-K01B, TECRA R830-K05B, TECRA R830-K10B, Tecra R840, Tecra R840 PT429A-006004, Tecra R840 PT429A-00L004, Tecra R840-002, Tecra R840-003, Tecra R840-008, Tecra R840-009, Tecra R840-00G, Tecra R840-00K, Tecra R840-00L, Tecra R840-00U, Tecra R840-00V, Tecra R840-012, Tecra R840-017, Tecra R840-01J, Tecra R840-020, Tecra R840-021, Tecra R840-02X, Tecra R840-04H, Tecra R840-10N, Tecra R840-10Q, Tecra R840-10Z, Tecra R840-11E, Tecra R840-12F, Tecra R840-13M, Tecra R840-14H, Tecra R840-15J, Tecra R840-17Q, Tecra R840-17R, Tecra R840-198, Tecra R840-199, Tecra R840-S8410, Tecra R840-S8411, Tecra R840-S8412, Tecra R840-S8420, Tecra R840-S8422, Tecra R840-S8430, Tecra R840-S8440, Tecra R840-S8450, Tecra R840-ST8400, Tecra R840-ST8401, Tecra R840-ST8402, Tecra R940, Tecra R940 PT439A-00N003, Tecra R940 PT439A-00R003, Tecra R940-1D6, Tecra R940-1DC, Tecra R940-1FL, TECRA R945

Compatible with Battery Part Numbers

PA3831U-1BRS, PA3832U-1BRS, PA3833U-1BRS, PA3929U-1BRS, PA3930U-1BRS, PA3931U-1BRS, PA3984U-1BRS, PA5043-1BRS, PA5043U-1BRS, PA5045U-1BRS, PABAS235, PABAS236, PABAS249, PABAS250, PABAS251, PABAS256, PABAS265, PT311E-02Y03GIT, PT320E-0F700SGR, PT321E-00P00YEN, PT321E-01E00YEN, PT321E-01F01FIT, PT321E-01U00TCE, PT324T-03H00U

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